La Diabla

Their music can be powerful and aggressive, romantic and cheerful, even dark and macabre. There’s something for everyone to dance to. The group had been described as Andres Landero meets N.W.A, but with masks, La Sonora Dinamita meets Daft Punk. Regardless, La Diabla is here to make you move and make dance floors bounce. 
La Receta is a dark and moody song about finding The Recipe to forget a lost love.  La Poderosa gets right to its groove that concludes with a nod the Mexican Sonidero culture by slowing down the pitch, or so it seems.
And this 45 rpm record put out through STEADY BEAT RECORDINGS is testament to that. check it out and see them live when you get a chance.
They also have collaborations with El Kool Kyle (“Kiss” Cumbia Prince /Baylando Records) and El Dusty (Mi Cumbia se respeta / Discos Peligrosa) and Panoptica Orchestra (ex Nortec Collective)