Bud Light Seltzer Barrio Stage

DJ Josexxx

Josexxx is a versatile DJ currently based out of San Diego. He plays a variety of music, specializing in 80s, House, Synthwave and Tech Noir. He is also half of the DJ duo Latin Lovers with Dave Parley, member of cholo goth band Prayers. Together they have toured the US and Mexico.

Bomba Liberté

Bomba Liberté is a San Diego based Puerto Rican Bomba group formed in 2011. Bomba is both a traditional Afro-Puerto Rican dance and musical style. Through performances and workshops, this group educates about Afro-Puerto Rican history and culture while also learning the links between artistry and personal expression. It calls upon the shared history with other Afro-Caribeñxs and diasporic peoples, reminding us of how music and dance travel with the bodies that move across the diaspora. 

Familia Lotería

Familia Loteria is formed by DJ Viejo Lowbo, Luis Anahuac and Analy Sandez. It was the idea of Viejo Lowbo to combine the traditional Mexican game Loteria with a party atmosphere and some DJ skills, taking this folk game to a new level of fun and excitement, while winning fabulous prizes!

DJ Viejo Lowbo 

DJ Viejo Lowbo is a DJ from San Diego/Tijuana that has been producing music and events for the past 20+ years. His style and selector choices have evolved over the years, maintaining the pulse of the latinx scene Lowbo can be heard at bar and clubs, concerts and festival stages in and around San Diego, plus maintains multiple residencies in Barrio Logan.


Wa Kushma is an independent Mexican folkloric dance group with the mission to demonstrate Mexicos culture through its rich traditional dance history. Wa Kushma has the ability to demonstrate multiple styles, from various regions of Mexico, all while showcasing the beautiful corresponding attire. Directed by Anel Alvarez.

Mariachi Diamante

Mariachi Diamante is a group of musicians with a passion and dedication for mariachi music. They are a highly sought after mariachi group in San Diego and is constantly working. They have a strong repertoire of music, consisting of many classics to the new and contemporary. Led my Joel Manjarrez. 

DJ Niayuku

Niayuku is a DJ, dancer professor and artist. She loves getting folks to move their bodies in liberation on the dance floor, Sabroso y sin acoso! Having grown up in Acapulco, MX in the 90s, Niayuku enjoys mixing house and pop en Español with cumbia and reggaeton. Niayuku is part of Suspiro Tropical Radio, a dj duo and podcast about culture, art and identity in San Diego/Tijuana region.